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Converter cannot communicate with PC., Integrated Security Solutions, Access Control System, Car Parking, Biometric, Fingerprint, Proximity Reader, Desfire Smart Card, Integration, Turnstile, Swing Gate, Drop bolt, Magnetic Lock; Keyking Group, Israel Technology
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Converter cannot communicate with PC.

Possible Cause:
1. The COM port setting is incorrect.
2. The RS-232 connections are reversed
3. The power supply of the converter is not sufficient.

1. Correct the Com Port setting. Note use Windows Device Manager to find the correct comm. port.
2. Use the correct connections.
3. The 9v PSU must be able to supply at least 300mA. If you use a USB cable as a PSU, please use a 2nd USB socket for the PSU or use a 12V 300mA PSU.

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