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A real security can exist only when the given system is fully integrated, easy and simple to operate on a daily basis as well as in an emergency. Many systems fail due to lack of synchronization between the different system components.
For example if access control or the intrusion detection systems are not synchronized with the CCTV within the same application, it will be difficult to identify the location of the security breach and to view the real-time video as well as the event recording immediately. This will result in lack of understanding regarding the nature of the event and thus incapability to respond properly and handle it.
Sphinx software is a command and control application which was specially developed in order to solve the above failure in building security and management.
Sphinx is easy and simple to operate, providing one brand new, state of the art interface for command and control based on dynamic maps.

System Features

·Sphinx is the integration system which includes Access Control System, CCTV,Intrusion Detection, based on TCP/IP.
·Sphinx offers complete development tools for other integrated system:
    (1) Database Share,
    (2) OPC (OLE for Process Control),
    (3) SDK Development Kit
    (4) TCP/IP protocol. Integrated system Solution, in order that other application systems can combine with easily.
·Sphinx provides more security platform,also we can customize the software according to customer s requirement if needed.
·Sphinx Software is user-friendly, which provides simple and clear instructions for customer.

Customized Interface
According to customer s different requirements,they can customize the structure, module, and all the icons on the interface.
Multi-Database Available
Sphinx Integration System could support both Windows MS_Access Database and MS_SQL Database, MS_Access database is free for small quantity doors choice, if there are big project with mass quantity doors points, MS_SQL Database is better choice, which can keep the system to be more stable and easy to be share.
Multiple Operators
(1) Sphinx Software allows multiple users (software operators) simultaneously and can give each user a different level of access.
(2) Initially, only one user called "Administrator", who can authorize different users to have different Access Levels, then they have the limited Access Level for his own department.
(3) Sphinx System consists of PC and C/S, each client can be connected with different controllers by administrator s setting, each client can only monitor the controllers which are connected.
Export and Import Events Automatically
Sphinx4 can export transactions to a txt or excel format document,besides it also can import Excel documents from other system.
Remember the Operation Screen
When choose remember screen, when the operator log in next time,Sphinx4 will go back to the operation screen the time you log out.
Card Printer
When operator issues a card for an employee, he can print his card immediately through any professional card printer. Card Printer Module supports any kind of card printer, such as Fargo, Datacard, and so on. Operator can choose a template for each people or department.

Sphinx Functions/Module

·Online Patrol Meeting Register System Library Management System
·POS Guard Patrol
·Parking Lot Card / ID Recognition System Parking Guidance System
·Card Printer Web Server
·IOS APP Android APP

OPC(OLE for Process Control) is an industrial standard. Based on the Microsoft OLE (like: Active X ), COM ( component object model ) and DCOM ( Distributed Component Object Model ) technology. OPC includes a full set of interface, attribute and methods standard, applied in process control and manufacturing automation system.

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