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Barrier MODEL:DZ002


Listing date:2008-05-01 Updated version:V1.00 Status:On Saling

Datasheet Manual System Configurations PPT

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Manual button can be "Rise", "Drop " and "stop" operation;

Automatic mode can be controlled by car or computer through the device interface circuit control baluster machine control unit BCB complete baluster arm as UPs and DOWNs.

Outage automatically unlock, no power can be manual carried;

With easy to maintain and adjust "manually";

With abundant bottom control and state return instructions, make charge system to make the switch computer is the most complete control;

With its anti-smashing cars function: to the railings arm whereabouts to horizontal Angle more than 15 ° range, if any vehicle into coil inductive zone, baluster arm will automatically raise prevent smashing cars.;

Has the anti-collision function: baluster arm and baluster machine equipped with rotation axis between device, baluster arm suffers bump can be turned away;

Baluster arm can be raised while outage or malfunction while;

Could increase other special functions according to customer needs;


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