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Multi-Bus Server MODEL:RS-485HUB

Multi-Bus ServerRS-485HUB

Listing date:2006-05-01 Updated version:V3.00 Status:On Saling

Datasheet Manual System Configurations

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·HUB: RS-485 BUS expand to 4 pcs RS-485 BUS
·Converter: Converting RS232 to RS485 and expand to 4 PCS RS-485 BUS
·Repeater: increase the communication distance of RS-485 BUS
·Baud Rate: 0-115,200bps, Transmission Distance: 1,200m (9600Bps),
·Working Temperature: -30°C - 70°C ,
·Humidity: 5% -95%,
·Every RS485 BUS line has communication status led which blinks for normal communication and turns red when there s a communication problem with the controllers.
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