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Guard Patrol MODEL:PA6621

Guard PatrolPA6621

Listing date:2008-05-01 Updated version:V3.00 Status:On Saling

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In many fields, such as warehouse, residential, hotels, electricity, telecommunications, railway, communications, factories and mines, patrol, etc, patrol safety inspection is very important, execution work must be strictly in accordance with the provisions confirmed route, time, But the inspection work is a big problem all the time. However, electronic Guard Patrol system can solve this problem very well.
Its basic principle is to install some patrol point card on needed patrol route, regularly check the points when the guard uses portable patrol device to read point card, and the transaction will be recorded at the same time. Patrol software will collect data from portable patrol device through a communication cable.


Guard card: flashing guard card before he go through patrol point, then all transaction will be associated with this guard.
·Vibration and voice: when the portable patrol device reads a card, will give vibration and voice mention.
·Alarm function: can download up to 24 group patrol schedule in software, and vibration and voice will remind when patrol alarm automatically wake up.
·Standby to save energy: power off automatically when the patrol device does not get any touch for 5 seconds.


Card Type: EM, Proximity
Storage: 8,000 Records
Communication: RS232/USB 19200Bps
Appearance: Luxury
Housing: Metal
Waterproof: Yes
Battery: Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Prompt Message: Vibration, sound
Button: Deductive Rubber with high reliability
Software:: GuardPatrol
Dimension:: 15×42×26(mm)
Temperature: -20℃ - 55℃
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