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Contactless Reader MODEL:6609E2

Contactless Reader6609E2

Listing date:2009-08-01 Updated version:V1.00 Status:On Saling

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non-contact reader, based on EM chips weigand reading head ISO11784 standard access. Support EM all series ISO11784 standard card. Can read EM4205, EM 4305, EM 4450, EM 451, EM 4699 etc induction card. Can penetrate nonmetal objects, has received high sensitivity, the working current small, single DC power supply, high performance-cost ratio. Is the entrance guard, attendance, parking ideal reading card equipment.
Cover is made of ABS/PC materials, all-weather design, waterproof, the destruction resistant capability is strong.

Product features:
Standard 86 bottom box of installation, construction is more convenient;
Non-contact, ID card without and reading and writing implement contact;
Dustproof, moistureproof, full seal design;
Easy installation, standard electrical hole specifications;
Can be installed outside such harsh conditions;
Without abrasion, permanent and durable;
Fully compatible with EM ISO11784 standard series induction card;
Provide Wiegand 26 Bit and ABA output format;
Working frequency: 125KHZ;
A fixed bee buzzer;
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