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OLED Reader MODEL:6611KU

OLED Reader6611KU

Listing date:2009-10-01 Updated version:V1.00 Status:On Saling

Datasheet Manual System Configurations

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Access Control, T&A, Car Parking, Identify, POS, and so on.

Materials: PC and ABS
Keypads: 3×4 Standard Keypads
OLED Display:
First Line: Company Name
Date Clock
Show your name and card number when flash card
Output: Wiegand 26 Bits or 34Bits
Background light: Blue LED, easy to operate it at night
Indicators LED: Dual corlor (Blue Green)
Big special indicators LED, Powered: Blue
Customerized Logo

Type Item E U
  EM CPU+Mifare+RC
Frenquency 125KHz 13.56MHz
Card Type EM4100 KK1208, M-1, S50,S70
Encode Man Code 3Des
Reading Range 10cm 5cm
Power 7—15VDC 7—15VDC
Curency ≤80ma ≤150ma
Temprature -20℃到70℃ -20℃到70℃
Humidity 5%--95% 5%--95%
Live Tech Support
Office hours are from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Local Time Monday to Friday.
Technical Support phone 9:00 am – 8:00 pm Local Time Monday to Friday.

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