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Sauna Lock MODEL:SNL106EG

Sauna LockSNL106EG

Listing date:2009-10-01 Updated version:V 1.0 Status:On Saling

Datasheet Manual System Configurations PPT

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Model Definition:

Patented design module combined decorative faceted shell, the shake handshandle of global initiative DianZiGui lock design features (characteristic shake handshandle optional not installed, ark lock panel on both sides of the cabin dark shake handshandle).
Adopt stainless steel lock shell or choose economic plastic lock shell.
Internationally recognized motor drive lock tongue institutions guarantee open 500,000 times above,
Lock itself, without computer management, issuing a management card issued by themselves in door lock, deleting, revising the guest card;
Can realize single or double card open open card (guest card and card can touch the management card together door),
Locks memory data processor, modified at any time, easy access to management;
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