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POE Networked Controller MODEL:DPU3044NT

POE Networked ControllerDPU3044NT

Listing date:2015-01-01 Updated version:V01.02 Status:On Saling

Datasheet Manual System Configurations PPT

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DPU3000 & TC3XY (KEYKING, 3 series Access Controller) are new design and state-of-the-art 1/2/4/8 doors access controllers made by KeyKing. It s the most cost effective solution for today s intelligent building. Perfectly designed to work with the Sphinx Software.
The DPU3000 & TC3XY allows wide range of security levels,according to the security level required at the location of the TC3XY,which can be used to control and record employee entry/exit inside or outside of restricted areas. The recorded data may be automatically fed into access control software, security software, statistical analysis software or other applications.
Each type of TC3XY controller can work independently, both offline and online. When working offline, it will store all the security definitions, as well as card holders and transactions information.


·Multi cards up to 8 cards, which are required for opening a door
·Supports up to 500 temporary cards with security settings
·Security Group Settings
·holidays for 2 years
·15 Time Zones for each door
·24 sets of Flow Control to interlock AB doors each other, to Lockdown many doors
·Event Flow Control
·Programmable Door Status
    ·Always Open
    ·Always Closed (but can be opened by Boss cards)
    ·PIN Required
    ·Anti PassBack
·Multiple types of Events
·Supports online computer polling
·TCP Communication speed: 100M
·15 Time Groups for each door
·Emergency Cards: 10 PCS
·Supports Boss and Manager Cards: Flashing Boss card twice times in 8 seconds, the door will keep opened until flashing Boss card twice again.
·Master + Slave card, Groups card defined
·1 Lithium battery backup (up to 10 years data retention)


CPU 32 bits ARM® Cortex-M3 Processor
Data Memory 16M Flash, 512M SDRAM, 4MSRAM
Card Holder 30,000
Transactions 15,000
Reader Compatible with all Wiegand reader formats from 24 to 72 Bits
(Fingerprint reader, EM/Mifare reader)
Supports many brands such as Keyking, Indala,
HID, and Rosslare…
Communication TCP/IP (10/100M Based)
RS485: Up to 127 controllers per RS-485 bus; Up to
1,200M per RS485; Baud Rate: 9600Bps
Input/output port RJ45 Socket for readers
Dry Contact relay/extension relays output, 12VDC, 5A
Exit Buttons. Door Lock Sensors, Extension Inputs
Protection circuit Protection: input over-current protection, automatic
reply in normal status,
All input / output with dynamic voltage protection
All relay output with instant over-voltage,
Auto-Inspection Available
LED indicator light 3 Colors ( red, green, yellow ), Yellow: Power, Red/Green: Communications
Power Operating Voltage: 12V DC (±10%)
Operating Current: ≤200mA
Work Environment Temperature: -40 to 70°C
Humidity: 0 to 90%
Package Metal Housing with Power Supply
Sphinx Software Windows XP, Win7, Win8
Multi-Language (English, Spanish, Russian,Norwegian, Italian, French, Hebrew, and others)

Model Identification

System Configuration

·DPU3012NT Access Controller
·6609E / 6610E / 6611KE Reader
·Sphinx4 Standard/Integration Software
·IC-232, Protocol Converter (Option for RS-485 controllers only)
·SMPS1260, Electric Lock Power Supply
·Door Sensor (Door Status Detection Device)
·1011, Exit Button
·EM Proximity or Mifare Smart Card

System Diagram

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