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Lift Process Unit MODEL:LPU8110NT

Lift Process UnitLPU8110NT

Listing date:2009-08-01 Updated version: Status:On Saling

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The LPU8110NT, (KEYKING, 3 Series Elevator Controller, 16 Floors, 1 Reader, TCP/IP Enabled) is a fully intelligent Ethernet enabled controller based on a 8 bit microprocessor. It is compatible with both the V3.5 Economy and V4 Advanced range of KEYKING 3 Series access controllers (please refer to top left photo). The LPU8110 can by itself control 16 floors with no additional hardware.


The LPU8110NT is a fully intelligent lift/elevator controller which can control access to each floor individually, based on an event or time period. It allows cardholders to select the floor(s) that they are allowed to enter, and the system will record each transaction. It provides many auditing reports, such as data on selected floors to ensure complete accountability. The system can be fully operational in a standalone mode, even during communication loss to the host PC. In offline mode, the controllers will have access to time schedules, authorization groups and even holidays and there will be no additional access level limitation


The LPU8110NT Lift Controller is very versatile and is suitable for other applications as well as Lift/Elevator control. These applications include floor control management, VIP cabinet management and employee locker control.


·32 bit Processor, 2 watch-dogs
·Open Architecture Communication Protocol
·Supporting up to 16 floors
·Expandable up to 128 floors with 7 x LPU8111 Modules
·Supporting up to 30,000 cardholders
·Stores up to 200,000 transactions
·Supporting Wiegand 24 to 72 bits (Fingerprint, EM, Mifare, Mifare CPU, HID Proximity, HID iClass) Supporting RS-485 and TCP/IP Communication


The diagram below shows how 4 x LPU8110NT Lift Controllers are connected via a Switch Hub to a computer running Sphinx4 Integrated Security Systems software. In this diagram the lift controller and the card reader are housed in the lift car. Note that this is only one option as many lift companies prefer to locate the 3rd party lift controllers in the Lift Machine room with only the actual card reader being located in the lift. As long as the security installation company has the ability to interface to the lift buttons then the location of the controller is secondary.


·8 bit processor
·2 Watchdogs
·16M ROM Process Memory
·4M SRAM Data Memory
·30,000 Cardholders
·200,000 Transactions
·Maximum LAN Distance: 1200 meters (4000ft) using RS-485
·Operating Voltage: 12V DC (±10%)
·110/220 AC (50/60HZ) switched mode 12V DC 6A Power Supply c/w 13.8V DC battery charging circuit
·Operating Current: ≤800mA
·Standby Current:≤150mA
·Working Temperature: -40°C~70°C
·Data Memory: 4M bit (protected)
·1 Lithium battery backup (up to 10 years data retention)
·Metal case dimensions:403mm x 384mm x 72mm

System Diagram

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